Ramesu’s Review and Report (R-R&R) – Jaguars

Game Result – Giants 12 – Jags 6


Under-manned with injuries, specifically Fournette being out really hurts in early downs getting his offense behind the chains. Ran a ton of heavy personnel 12 and 13 and passed out of it a good bit. On 3rd downs typically went 11 personnel and used a lot of reduced splits. Blake Bortles was terribly inaccurate throughout the game throwing anything intermediate and deep. Crossers and slants were how he moved the ball best, once Fournette returns he should be able to run the ball with his gap-power scheme.



Mostly 2 high zone/man/blitz and a good mix. His defense in terms of talent is probably the best in the game. He can afford to play aggressive man coverage(1 and 0) and send 6 or 7 and not sacrifice much. The corners basically wipe out any outside threats. You have to have a running game and a TE to create matchups to move the ball at all against that front.


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