Ramesu’s Review and Report – Cowboys

Game Result – Giants 23 – Cowboys 20


Stretch – outside zone was the preferred method of moving the ball in early downs. Some TE spot routes early, to out breaking routes on the outside later and was able to hit a couple of deep balls. His best offense was Zeke on basic dives and quick-short throws. Personnel mix was 12, 21 and 11. Got caught against a disguise a few times hot routed against the look and was wrong. Did a good bit of adjusting vs pre-snap.


Zone blitz as the bread and butter but mostly zone (cover 3) throughout with some 6 and 2 mixed in. Awuzie caught 2 or 3 picks (side-eye) and in general his DBs played above their ratings. There were a few shots where I thought I had easy TDs/conversions that turned into incompletions or interceptions. Lee is a heat-seeker in the run game but nothing else wrecked the game.


Next up: Texans


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