Ramesu’s Review and Report – Texans

Game Result – Giants 17 – Texans 16



Lots of heavy personnel, 12, 13 and 22. Play calls to take care of ball and does well v. simple zone to protect it. Can get into trouble against pressure, especially when its unexpected. Short, efficient and smart passing game including knowing when to scramble and get down, will kill you with Watson running if you don’t spy. Good ground game running straight ahead mostly, likes to get into 10 personnel in early downs to lighten the box and run with the numbers advantage.


Will ignore your personnel and call formations according to the expected play call despite your personnel. Can get a good bit of nickel vs. 21 or 12 personnel. Moves Clowney around a ton. Mostly a single high zone or blitz and uses aggressive rush a good bit.


Next up: Saints


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