Ramesu’s Review and Report – Saints

Game Result – Giants 23 – Saints 13


Personnel groupings he likes most are 21| 12 | 11. You can almost always count on a first down run. Likes stretch as the basis to his ground attack. Seam/drag/corner combos when he needs a play on 3rd. His best offense was in the deep to intermediate middle later in downs and it took chunks out. Had some good run chunks out of Shotgun as well. If you play a bunch of single high, you gotta be prepared for the 10-12 yard out on either side.


Matches personnel in formations, you go 3 wide, you’ll get a minimum 5 DBs, you go 21 personnel and you get 43. Base cover 3 defense. Will zone blitz out of it as well, but cover 3 is what you have to have a plan to beat. Will mix in cover 2 and 6 sparingly, rarely plays man.



Next up: Panthers

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