Ramesu’s Review and Report – Panthers

Game Result – Giants 26 – Panthers 16


Base 11 personnel majority of the time. Plan early was to keep it short or scramble if the first intermediate read wasn’t open. McCaffery is the engine of the offense and the Texas route is how he gets him involved down the field. Run game is 75% SG inside zone. If you play zone (cover 3 particularly) you can expect DJ Moore in a seam from the slot at some point. Tons of checks/audibles at the line and if CMC doesn’t have a route already on the normal play art he’ll hot him to get him involved.


Matches personnel mostly. Cover 2 and 3 are the base defenses and he’ll mix the types. Also runs enough cover 0 for you to be alert for it but 2 and 3 is what you need a plan to beat. As a counter to the base 2 and 3 he also does a good job mixing the zone blitzes and disguising the defense he’s in by showing 2-high all the time.ย 


Next up: Eagles

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