Ramesu’s R&R – Eagles

Game Result – Giants 17 – Eagles 20



Likes big personnel (21|22) on 1st downs, and usually likes to run on 1st as well. On 2nd and third typically likes to throw and spread the field with 11 personnel, but will mix in heavy sets in favorable downs and distances. His best passing attack is efficiency, but scheme-wise he likes to attack seams and then take the RB out of the backfield on the table routes against cover 3. Ertz is the guy and he’s always open, especially against most zones.


His personnel on defense typically matches the down and distance more than it does the offenses personnel but they mostly match as well. What you get is a mesh of the basic zones, man, cover 0 and zone blitz and all mixed very well. Some combination of 2-high is what you’ll see most but that depends more on situation than anything else.


Next up: Falcons

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