Ramesu’s R&R – Falcons

Game Result


11 personnel is the base package. On 1st down he likes to play call backwards and is heavy pass on 1st. If its not a pass on 1st it’s probably outside zone. On second down he’s heavy run and usually thats inside zone. The passing attack is quintessential Falcons…crossers (mesh), drive (post from the reduced split) and texas to the HB out of the backfield. Julio Jones is unstoppable (good luck). Goal was to get him into third downs and force him to convert. His playcalling is designed to avoid third downs or to make them as convertable as possible.


Matches personnel on defense, and cover 3 is the go to call. Likes to play really aggressive on 1st down with cover 0 to stop the run. Mixes all the calls and trusts zone in 3rd downs. I was able to stay in base personnel or spread the field on a few third downs and convert on the ground against the soft zones and or light boxes, Deon Jones is fast…


Next up: Washington

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