Ramesu’s R&R – Washington

Game Result


11 personnel. About 60/40 pass/run. Vernon Davis was money in the middle of the field and crossers in general for all receivers were the basis of the offense. Did a great job finding holes in zones to keep the chains moving. Had trouble scoring in the red zone. Ran a good bit from the gun, mostly spread offense with the Patriots book. Spreading the field horizontally worked well. Smash was probably what was called most but didn’t have much success with it.


Prefers to stay in sub packages regardless of your offensive personnel. Attempts to anticipate play calls instead of playing down/distance/personnel. Heavily relies on cover 0 and I was too aggressive against it, trying to throw deep balls instead of taking the short-quicks and it cost me. Does a great job in run support with the safety but leaves himself open to play action if he’s not in cover 0, has a tendency to take the safety out of position and can be burned.

Next up (after bye): 49ers

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