Ramesu’s R&R – Bucs

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21-13-11 personnel most common. Efficient passing, drive and smash were the most effective concepts, aggressively checks down but can stretch the field a bit with smash as well. Desean Jackson was the most targeted receiver and almost everything was out quick. Does a good job of calling a balanced game, especially on first down, hard to key on a type of attack. On 2nd down, loves to run regardless of 1st down outcome.


Mostly cover 3, regardless of pre-snap/personnel/down and distance. You can expect to get cover 3 60% of the time or so. Does call zone blitzes from a 3 shell as well and mixes in some cover 0 too. User MLB flies past the ball in the run game a ton so patience can work heavily in your favor in the run game

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