Ramesu’s R&R – Bears

Game Result: Giants 23 Bears 15


Personnel was fairly limited to 21, 12 and 11. Calls his offense like he can’t score unless he gets a big play. Holds the ball in passing situations, took a ton of sacks in our game protecting the ball. Stick skill in the run game is unique and the bedrock of his offense. Very balanced play-calling per down and distance, no glaring tendency either way. Inside zone from the SG was what we came in with a plan to stop. Runs a lot of double moves and the motion swing game is dangerous.


Excellent user LB skill – cover 3 was what we saw the most of. Mixes the calls enough to not be too predictable though, will go cover 0, 2-man or basic zone, but rarely runs zone blitz. In my charting, there was clear (90%) preference for basic zone calls in second down situations regardless of distance or personnel.


Next up: Titans

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