Ramesu’s R&R – Titans

Game Result


It’ll either be 11 or 21 personnel. Most times the personnel tells you what the play call will be. Will mix in a run from 11 on 1st down or pa from 21 on first but most other times, the personnel dictates run/pass. Delanie is the weapon you gotta take away, excellent in the short game and catches everything. Mariota’s legs are weaponized on 3rd and medium-long, so playing base zone in those situations is tough. Run game is inside and outside zone.


Plays nickel as the base defense, mixes play calls on 1st down, but 2nd and 3rd are almost always cover 3 or 3 zone blitz. On 1sts you’ll get cover 2-man or cover 1 a good bit with some cover 2 mixed in. Rarely if ever goes cover 0. Did a great job as slot corner in the seam/flat zone with 2 picks in cover 3 on a crosser and an out.

Next up: Colts

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