Ramesu’s Review and Report – Data Compilation

Whats cracking RZ, in lieu of the regular R&R’s I’ve decided to aggregate the game-planning data from last season to provide some insight to what a typical game looked like for the Giants. I developed spreadsheets to chart play-calls/down/distance/personnel to prepare for each opponent. If you’d like the sheet I’ll share and you can chart as well (dm me). Below is the data from each game aggregated to provide an idea of what the typical calls were like across the Giants schedule in RZ46. I personally believe this is generally typical of the league and could provide a basis for game-planning league-wide. Obviously there are teams who do rely on a style more than others may (Washington and cover 0 for example or Panthers and 11 empty) but as you’ll soon see, if you can plan to defeat a few basic things you can have success in this league.



In my charting, RedZone was 58.4% pass to 41.6% run. Remarkably, per FFtoday.com the NFL was 56% to 44% pass/run in 2017, pretty close to the real league, i think the anecdotal take across the league would be that RZ passes more than the NFL does, and it’d be true but not by nearly as much as you (or I) may have thought.


Offensive Personnel Groupings

Since I can’t reasonably/practically provide the play-calls I’ve charted (and that information is proprietary anyways) take what you can glean from the personnel groupings and combine it with the run/pass ratios and you can get a pretty good idea of the kind of football we see week-in and week out in RZ. 11 personnel, probably a pass. Again, per this Football Outsiders article https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/2017-offensive-personnel-analysis, pretty sim and not at all surprising. 11-12-21 personnel are what you are likely to see….same as Sunday, good job RedZone.



Defensive Play Calling

Cover 3 remains king in RedZone and guess what…(at least in 2016) cover was actually the second most commonly called coverage per this article from PFF – https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-taking-a-closer-look-examining-the-nfls-coverage-scheme-tendencies. Cover 1 was the most commonly called at the time. The first of the non-sim tendencies to jump out is from this defensive play call group. Cover 0 was the 3rd most frequent coverage faced last season, while in the NFL it is by far the least commonly called coverage. Per that article, the NFL was 59% overall zone, if we don’t include zone blitzes as zone plays, RedZone was about 45% zone, if you include zone blitzes, it jumps up to 67%. None of this is to say this is what happening in everyones games, but I think the 200 play sample from 10+ of my opponents isn’t a bad indicator.


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