Breaking – Giants Complete Pair of Trades

New York Giants Complete Pair of Trades

Instant Analysis – Golden Tate to New Orleans

Golden Tate flips teams for the fourth time in his career

The New York Giants have agreed to trade wide receiver Golden Tate (85 OVR) to the New Orleans Saints for a Season 53 3rd Round Pick per our own Adam Schefter @RZAdam_Schefter

After releasing the disappointing Cameron Meredith, the Saints worked fast to find a clear number two receiver behind Michael Thoams, and they went big game-hunting, even more than most expected. They sent a third round choice to the Giants for Golden Tate, who is an extremely talented, albeit expensive, wide receiver.

Tate is one of the best RAC receivers in football

Tate is a borderline elite possession receiver, with great athleticism, plus elite after the catch traits, such as 95 ELU and 96 AGI. Once he gets the ball, he is a threat to score, and certainly a threat on down and distance situations.

The Giants are in a peculiar place – they know this year is going to be difficult on the field, likely with inserting Daniel Jones into the starting lineup, but they remove Tate from the equation to gain some draft capital, but is it worth it? Is it worth losing a valuable target in Tate to get what is slotted to be a low third round pick? Not to mention, the Giants have to cut a $22.9 million signing bonus check to Tate before trading him. Just seems like a lot of hurdles to jump to acquire a third.

Tate is an expensive addition for the cap strapped Saints

Meanwhile the Saints continue to load up for a title run, and as I mentioned in another breakdown, this team is going to be capped out. Tate will likely see two years of this deal before becoming a cap casualty in S55. His price tag is expensive over the next four seasons, and the deals for Kamara and company will need room.

Overall, I like the move more for the Saints, as they are getting a fantastic weapon for Brees, and I’m confused for the Giants. This move could have yielded more of a return, seems that Coach Corn did not do his due diligence around the market.

Grade for New Orleans – B+

Grade for New York – D

Instant Analysis – Janoris Jenkins to Houston

Janoris Jenkins is brought into an AFC favorite’s locker room

The New York Giants have agreed to trade cornerback Janoris Jenkins (80 OVR) to the Houston Texans for a Season 53 4th Round Pick per our own Adam Schefter @RZAdam_Schefter

The Giants made their second move of the day to continue to free up cap room, and acquire another draft asset for this offseason by trading away Janoris Jenkins to the Houston Texans. As opposed to the move above, this is one I’m very in favor of.

Past his prime, but Jenkins can still contribute

Jenkins is now 30 years old, and has seen his place regress in the past few seasons, falling to an average man corner, and a below average zone corner, along with his regression in his athleticism. He is not coming in to be a number one corner for Houston, but he is certainly paid like one – the Texans will have to fork over $29 more million in two seasons to Jenkins, an average of $14 per year.

The Giants have some big checks to cash in guaranteed money

The Texans only give up a fourth rounder, so I like the move in terms of a depth trade, Jenkins will bring some stability to this secondary that will need it in the AFC, and Jenkins is certainly worth that of a fourth round pick.

The Giants meanwhile acquire another mid-round pick, but are on the hook for another $10.3 million in guaranteed money, bringing their cap penalties into the $30 million range. This looks to be a throwaway year anyways, but the Giants will  not be thrilled writing those checks, and they won’t be thrilled when it impacts their rollover cap next offseason.

Overall this move allows first round pick DeAndre Baker to slide into the starting job next to youngsters like Grant Haley and Julian Love, guys that desperately need snaps. The Giants will feel a short term pain financially, but overall I love this move for them.

Grade for Houston – B+

Grade for New York – A

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