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Chiefs Start the Season 1-0, Dominating the Jaguars in Week 1

  The season is upon us and the games finally matter. Starting the season 1-0 was the goal and the Chiefs succeeded after their dominant 54-27 victory against the Jaguars. The offense shined as expected, but the defensive play was a nice surprise for #ChiefsKingdom. Let’s dive right in.
Week 1 Stats vs the Jaguars
Week 1 Stats vs the Jaguars


The offense was able to move the ball with ease as they racked up 455 total yards and 5 total TDs. This offense leaned on its quarterback Patrick Mahomes who accumulated 3 Passing TDs and 2 Rushing TDs on his way to 393 yards passing. With weapons like Hill, Watkins, Kelce and Hardman, expect this to be the weekly trend with KC.


One of the biggest questions for the Chiefs coming into the season was their defense and they certainly answered with a strong performance in week 1. The defense was able to accumulate 8 total sacks led by Chris Jones and Frank Clark each having 3 sacks and a fumble each. The defense also managed to force four turnovers two of which were taken back for TDs. Rookie FS Juan Thornhill had his welcome to the NFL moment early in the first half, securing his first NFL interception. Overall the defense played much better than expected and they will need to continue to do so if the Chiefs hope to make it far into the postseason.

Opposing Coach’s Post Game Interview

We were able to sit down with Coach Smokes after the game and asked him a couple of questions about his thoughts on how his team performed. Coach what do you think you could have done better in this game?
We could have ran shorter developing routes to avoid giving up 8 sacks and we could have probably had a better game plan defensively against such an explosive offense.
What’s your game plan for next week?
We plan on doing the things we didn’t do this week. Running a quicker offense with shorter routes should help
Thanks for your time Coach.

Final Thoughts

Both teams came into this season with high expectations, but sadly only one can take the W. The Jags will take on the Texans next week while the Chiefs will go to Oakland to take on the Raiders. That’s if for now RZ, be sure to tune to the Chiefs next game when it goes live @Twitch.TV/Blazer245

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