The RZ Draft Show: Season 54 Mock Draft

What’s up RZ! Welcome to the first edition of the RedZone Draft Show’s Mock Draft (Sponsored by The Man 2 Man Podcast), where we’ll be looking at a number of prospects in this year’s class. Season 54 looks to be a big season for some teams and you’ll see why after the jump:

(Editor’s Note: This was based off of standings during week 6, not reflective of the RZDS’s opinion on final positions.)

  1. Steelers – Zac Proctor, QB, North Dakota St. – The Steelers have been one of the biggest disappointments so far this season, starting the year at 0-7. A new signal caller might be just what the doctor ordered.
  2. Giants – Duncan McBride, QB, LSU – The Giants are a mess, to no one’s surprise. Their offense is limited to one man, but a QB like McBride could help open up the playbook.
  3. Dolphins – Matthew Rivers, QB, Washington – The Dolphins will land essentially where everyone expected them to, and Rivers will be their QB of the future. Rivers can do it all and gives Miami a solid start to rebuild. 
  4. Colts – Myron Boone, EDGE, Penn State – The Colts have a better roster than they’re showing, and if they can add an elite pass rusher, it may translate better on the field. 
  5. Panthers – Hunter Montgomery, DT, Texas – Carolina doesn’t have many holes to fill, but the addition of Montgomery would give a much needed boost to their interior defensive line.
  6. Eagles – Lamar Howard, WR, South Carolina – Philly is still within their championship window, but they need more explosiveness from the offense. Howard would be a solid asset to pair with a QB like Wentz. 
  7. Bengals – Brandon Pratt, QB, Northwestern – Cincy has been in football limbo for as long as I can remember. Ditch Andy Dalton and make a move to set yourself up for future success. 
  8. Lions – Kai Weldon, CB, Stanford – The Lions have been struggling, giving up 360 passing yards per game after trading away CB Darius Slay. Weldon will fill that gap and hopefully help turn this team into something competent.
  9. Broncos– Rickey Bradley, EDGE, Tennessee – This team needs a hard reset. They haven’t looked strong in quite some time, even though they just got a huge win against New England. Move on from Von Miller, acquire some valuable assets and draft the top edge rusher in the class to build around.
  10. Jags – Darian Carradine, WR, San Diego St. – With what was a once promising team, the Jags are going downhill fast. They have two expensive quarterbacks on the roster, and nothing to show for it. Carradine is a solid weapon that Rivers or Foles could turn into a star.
  11. Texans – Miles Cutler, OG/C, Virginia – Deshaun Watson needs some protection. At the time of writing, he has been sacked 28 times in 7 games. That’s unacceptable for one of the league,s top young QBs.
  12. Washington – Richard Aguayo, TE, Oregon St. – Washington is in a good place right now and are building themselves to be contenders in the NFC East. Aguayo is one of the top prospects in this draft and could help push the team’s potential over the top. 
  13. Raiders (via CHI) – Jojo Finley, EDGE, Minnesota – Oakland (Vegas?) needs to rectify their mistake in trading Khalil Mack. Here’s their chance to do it.
  14. Rams– Justin Pratt, OG/C, Miami – Jared Goff’s injury is the biggest setback this team faced this year. Get him some protection and get back in the division race.
  15. Titans– Keon Chambers, S, Clemson – The AFC South is the Titans’ to lose, but with two high powered offenses in Houston and Indy, getting Chambers to pair with Kevin Byard would be a good move.
  16. Cardinals – Jamarcus Roberts, OT, Texas A&M – The Cardinals’ primary focus should be to protect Kyler Murray. That’s it. That’s the tweet. 
  17. Seahawks – Tyler Dunn, EDGE, Mizzou – While the offense tries to find their chemistry, the Hawks should grab a top pass rusher to make sure the defense continues to help them win games.
  18. Bills – Dee Watson, WR, Georgetown – Cole Beasley being your top receiver is…not ideal. Watson would give the team a deep threat to utilize Josh Allen’s arm strength.
  19. Ravens – Marquise McFarland, HB, Duke – Baltimore is on the verge of something exciting with QB Lamar Jackson, but he can’t be a one man show. McFarland is one of the best dual threat HBs in college and would be a versatile weapon for the Ravens offense.
  20. Packers – Everett Gold, QB, Cincinnati – :The Packers are playing some solid football right now, and can use this momentum to prepare for the future. While Rodgers is still active, draft his successor and give him a year or two before handing him the reins.
  21. Buccaneers – Justice Spencer, OG/C, Utah St. – Initially, I made this call with the idea that Jameis would be under center, but recent news points to him heading to free agency. I don’t think there is a QB in the draft that the Bucs will be able to replace him with, but they’ll have an interesting pick for sure. 
  22. Raiders – Sean Rollins, TE, Alabama – Rollins is one of the top receiving tight ends in college and would be a great option to take some attention away from Antonio Brown. This pick could also go HB, but I think the Raiders will wait and see with that position. 
  23. Niners – Nolan Conley, ILB, Lehigh – The Niners could use a replacement for OLB Malcolm Smith, but there aren’t many suitable in this class. Instead, they would be better off drafting Conley and moving him outside. Conley has been known to be an asset when dropping back into zone coverage.
  24. Jets – Lee Favorite, WR, Oregon St. – Though Robby Anderson is no slouch, I don’t believe the Jets have a true WR1. Favorite could potentially fill that role, but the Jets are in a good place no matter the route they take. 
  25. Vikings – Christian McFadden,DT, South Carolina – Though the Vikes are doing well right now, they traded away DT Linval Joseph with no real plan to replace him. McFadden would be an immediate upgrade to their defensive line.
  26. Browns – AJ Lake, DE, Arizona St. – Cleveland has quite a few areas where they could improve, but those positions are thin in this class. If AJ Lake is still available, they could add another top tier pass rusher opposite Myles Garrett. 
  27. Chargers – Deontay Barker, EDGE, Texas Southern – The last thing the Chargers need is another pass rusher, but they could use an outside linebacker. Deontay Barker could make the transition well, and has already shown promise without his hand in the dirt.
  28. Lions (via DAL) – Kalen Clemens, QB, Boston College – It’s time for the Lions to move on from Matt Stafford. I don’t think Clemens is a first round QB, but I do think a team like Detroit would grab him before another team might early in the second. 
  29. Falcons – Mike Blake, DE, Buffalo – The Falcons are on a roll, to the surprise of much of the league. Their defense can definitely improve, as they’re giving up 291 passing yards and 128 rushing yards per game. Mike Blake would be an immediate improvement at DE and could help in both regards.
  30. Patriots – Joshua Guyton, WR, Delaware – The Patriots are on a roll and it’s all thanks to their passing game. Regardless of what happens with Tom in the offseason, they’re going to want to continue that production. Guyton could easily be WR1 moving forward, especially when 2 of the top 3 WRs on this team are 31 years or older.
  31. Chiefs  – Rashad Hart, EDGE, Minnesota – Not much to say about this Chiefs team except with an improved defense, they might genuinely be unstoppable. That should be their primary focus this offseason. 
  32. Cardinals (via NO) – Steven Hix, WR, Pittsburgh -Since Arizona will have the luxury of drafting twice in the first round, they should protect Kyler first, then give him a weapon. Hix isn’t going to burn the defense in a Chiefs-esque way, but will be a big bodied target for Kyler to find over his career.

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