The Fantasy Show With Matthew Berry: RZ Season 54 Fantasy Rankings

RZ Season 54 Fantasy Rankings

Salutations, users of the greatest gaming community on Earth! I would say greatest in the galaxy, however, space is such a deep abyss – I wouldn’t want to risk the existence of Mankind as we know it – venturing into space’s continuum, falling captive to the Nebula, just to prove the aforementioned greatness of the community. Earth will suffice, I reckon. Indubitably. Of course I am referring to Red Zone Sports! And for those that are new to the show, welcome and gather around! It’s your boy, boys! The self-proclaimed, omniscient, all-knowing, hierarchical, fantasy sports guru, leader and teacher himself: Matthew ‘Berry Da Gawd’ Berry! Pardon the pompous gloating, but if you don’t slurp yourself, who will?

It has been awhile since Da Gawd has blessed the masses with RZ Sports Fantasy content — and though we’ve seen the league reach the pantheon of greatness — it is my duty to rise with the growth that has made this league so special! With our first show of the new cycle, we will dive deep into the RZ Top 15 fantasy rankings for Season 54 of the new cycle. These rankings, of course, are based off of projections, so though this cannot predict the tides changing, it can give you the understanding of Earth’s gravitational pull, in conjunction with the moon’s force, to create a significantly high tide for you wild boys to catch a killer fantasy wave. So hang-ten and surf’s up, bra – These rankings are ready to make a big splash!

Before I release the Top 15 list, I’d like to first analyze the top 5 players headlining the rankings. With so much activity in the offseason, revamped offenses, trades, free agent acquisitions and the draft, these 5 players stand out the most to me. If you’re drafting top 5 in your leagues, you’d want to cash in big with these guys to help catapult your team to fantasy heroics. Without further ado, lets get started!


Top 5 RZ Fantasy Stars

#5 – Julio Jones, WR (ATL)

Projections: 115 REC, 2090 YDS, 16 TDS, 289.7 PTS

We kick things off with our #5 ranked player on the list; the explosive wideout for the Falcons, Julio Jones! If you have been under a rock, our got lost wandering in space and was succumbed to a galactic asteroid storm: EARTH TO INTERSTELLER! COME HOME, INTERSTELLAR! The Falcons have an offense more explosive than Apollo 13 (more space humor smh) led by their 2nd year coach, GStar. Coach G loves to stretch the field and get the ball in Julio’s hands early and often. Last season, Julio had a historic year, finishing with 1,827 yards, 16 TDs, on 92 receptions, all while being sidelined for a few games with an injury. The proof is in the pudding, Julio is a monster! And at 31 years of age, he hasn’t lost a step, is still 6’4, and is a big focal point of the offense. Whether in PPR or Standard scoring leagues, if you’re at 5, Julio is your guy!


#4 – Ezekiel Elliot, HB (DAL)

Projections: 238 ATT, 1,445 YDS, 15 TDS, 235.5 PTS

This may not strike most as a sexy pick. With the Air-Raid offense really being a staple product of RedZone, it would seem that the Half-Back position is obsolete and null. Be that as it may, I believe that is exactly why Zeke should be ranked high and will reward owners handsomely. The league will simply catch up to the style of play offenses have implemented, as many defensive coaches and front-offices brought in defensive backs at a stunning rate, via trade, free agency and draft. With that in mind, coupled with the fact that the Cowboys have one of the deadliest receiver combinations, (Gallup and Cooper), Defenses will have to stay in 2-high looks and 5+ DBs against the Cowboys. Zeke will have an absolute field day against opposing teams who will sit in 6-man fronts. Coach Flowers is known for his ball possession, smash mouth philosophy, and Zeke will get endless opportunities to flourish. Last season, Zeke only rushed 193 times, a number low for him. With the CBA implementing a new rule for rushing attempt splits, I look for Zeke to get the lion share of the touches and run over the league!

#3 – Tyreek Hill, WR (KC)

Projections: 94 REC, 1,916 YDS, 17 TDS 295.3 PTS

I know what you’re thinking; yes, Calvin Ridley had a better season than Julio and Tyreek last year – naturally if Julio is ranked 5th, Ridley would certainly be above. Not so fast, people. Tyreek also had an historic season, considering all of the adversity he faced – the off-field issues and possible suspension looming over his head. Now, Ty has another obstacle ahead: a new contract. Reports surfaced after Ty rejected the contract extension the Chiefs offered him, which subsequently led to a franchise tender, after the Chiefs shopped [Hill] on the trade block, but could not find a viable suitor. Hill is lighting in a bottle! Last season he racked up 1800 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns on just 83 catches. Now that he’s playing for money, defenses around the league are on high alert. I look for Hill to be the precipice of the receiving mountain, so with this pick, you’ll conquer that same mountain.


#2 – DeAndre Hopkins, WR (HOU)

Projections: 103 REC, 2,109 YDS, 16 TDS, 298.3 PTS

You guessed it – Another receiver in the top 5 rankings. Not only is this the central theme in the top 5, this is a constant in the top 30 rankings. RedZone has becoming a passing league, and here is arguably the best receiver in the game doing it! Hopkins was remarkable last season, breaking records and nearly eclipsing the 2,000 yard mark in yardage. Perhaps the biggest advantage for Hopkins this go around is an absolutely favorable schedule. The Texans face some of the worst pass defenses this season and also should be in a lot of close games which will force them to throw the ball. With a Healthy Deshaun Watson, D-Hop will break more records and be a fantasy


#1 – Patrick Mahomes, QB (KC)

Projections: 6,210 YDS, 60 TDS, 149.4 RTG, 448.8 PTS

Season 53 showcased some of the most memorable, statistically historic numbers ever. 7 quarterbacks eclipsed the 5,000 yard mark, (M. Ryan – 6,223. NFL Record) including Patrick Mahomes, with 5,974 yards, nearly surpassing the 6,000 yard threshold. However, what separates “My Homes” from everyone else in the pack is his big play ability while limiting turnovers. The big arm QB threw 56 touchdowns to just 14 interceptions. Throwing to a speedster like Ty Hill or the best tight end in the league in Travis Kelce, I look for Mahomes to let up the record books and etch his name alongside the greats.


Now that we’ve analyzed the top 5 players of the fantasy world heading into RZ54, lets look at the entire top 15 players:


 Name/PositionTeamRankProjected Points (Season)

Patrick Mahomes - QB

Kansas City



DeAndre Hopkins - WR




Tyreek Hill - WR

Kansas City



Ezekiel Elliot - HB




Julio Jones - WR




Odell Beckham Jr. - WR




Davante Adams - WR

Green Bay



Calvin Ridley - WR




Michael Thomas - WR

New Orleans



Matt Breida - HB

San Francisco



Matt Ryan - QB




Deshaun Watson - QB




Antonio Brown - WR



















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