RedZone Season 53 Recap and Season 54 Preview

Look, I get it. “C’mon Fieldy…. It’s already Week 4 and now you are going to predict things?” Yes, you nincompoop. I surely am. I am late, but I don’t want to give up a good thing. The league needs me to predict truth into reality. But before we do that, let’s recap last season and watch me stretch and justify all these predictions.

  • The Titans are back on the map.

Over the last 20 seasons or so, Coach Paňos has not be great. Okay, he’s stunk. Let’s not kid ourselves here. But “new year, new me” will be JP’s motto, and I predict he will actually come through with it. Gone are the days of looking at a potential top 5/10 pick. JP is here to compete. I foresee him going at least .500 on the season and will potentially be fighting for that division title late in the season. No more watching the L columns in the league to see what draft position they are in.

Bam! Look who went 9-7, fought (and won) that division title. Nice to see JP and the Titans make a good push.

  • The Cardinals won’t know how to read a map.

Thanos would be proud. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. As one commish starts to rise, the other must fall. This roster is not good. Yes, you have a few studs sprinkled in (Murray, Pat P, Fitz, and DJ), but they cannot carry the load. And this is assuming we don’t lose any of those guys to a trade or injury. This season, roster construction is as important as ever, and this team is not ready to win. The biggest question will be how long it takes Coach Adelmann to give up on S53, mail it in, and look forward to the draft and the future of the team.

EDIT: The Cards just traded Pat P. Let the dumpster fire burn stronger.

So…. Coach Adelmann never gave up on S53 and almost proved me wrong. He still missed the playoffs, but still finished 9-7. I don’t blame him for continuing to push until the end, as he was this close to proving us all wrong. However, he ends up in the terrible spot of no playoffs but no good draft position either. And now he has started off the S54 season 0-3. You hate to see it. JP in, Adel out. Perfectly balanced.

  • Of all the rookie coaches to join RedZone, Gstar will find the most initial success.

We have Birdman/Jason with the Bills, Gstar with the Falcons, and Outlaw with the Eagles. The Bills roster, like Arizona, is not good. Stick skills not saving them. Outlaw has one of the best rosters, but with Lefty in Dallas and Jake in Washington, he has some tough divisional games (Ignoring that team in New Jersey). Lastly, we have G-Spot in ATL. A fairly well constructed roster, and one of the best QB/WR combos in Ryan and Julio, I feel it in my plumbs. With 4 games against Silk and Turtles, is the only reason I have him over Outlaw, but both those coaches are set up with teams ready to win.

Grand Slam Field Yates. Bills 5-11. Outlaw 7-9. Gstar 14-2. My plumbs never let me down.

  • The Kadtastrophy in Baltimore.

Kad has been one of the biggest self-promoters this past off-season, talking up his team, Lamar, his social life…. Pretty much everything Kad related. Unfortunately, he is about to fall flat on his face. Ian Johns is far and away the front runner in that division based solely on roster and I will spend my RZ-bucks (which have a Schrute-Buck exchange rate of 1.46) on the Browns winning the North. I also wouldn’t sleep on Spencer with the Steelers, as veteran QBs are showing their value. Kad will miss the playoffs, no matter how much cheese Kad produces.

More like Chadtastrophy, amirite? Well Chad proved me wrong. I just lost all my RZ-bucks. IJ failed me. Spencer was terrible. And Chad made the playoffs. You can’t win them all.

  • What a waste! (Seattle edition)

In season 52, I was HYPED over Tauph drafting WR prospect Rainey Snow. I thought he was going to be RedZone’s next big deal. However, he ended up being good… not great. DK Metcalf has that same sort of vibe for me. He has the potential to take over this league. In the wrong hands *cough* Jake *cough*, he could lead his team, the league, and the next decade of games. However, I have learned. I think Metcalf will be a good/decent player with Coach Tauph…. But he’s not going to be as good as he could be.

I think this was a safe prediction. With us having 4 guys in the league post over 1,900 yards receiving, D.K. only finished with 41 catches, 917 yards and 7 TDS. Not bad stats, but he did nothing to elevate his names into the conversation of elite WRs (based on performance). That averages out to 2.5 catches, 57 yards and .4 TDs per game. Nothing to get excited for; those are stats that you can’t even roster the guy in fantasy.

  • Your OROY will be… Dwayne Haskins, QB Washington

The popular choice here is Murray, but I just don’t see the success on the team for him to really justify the award. Could you, in good faith, give an award like this to a guy on a 5-11 team? Haskins will be a game manager and the Redskins will likely be more successful. And shut up Kad, no one cares about Hollywood.

 First off, no one still cares about Hollywood (he didn’t even make the ballot). My predictions about Haskins were right on. He was going to have a good season and be a game manager, and his stats were not bad. Team finished 9-7, threw 3,800 yards with a 27-15 TD/INT ratio, and finished 101.3 rating. The Redskins did not ask as much out of Haskins as the Cardinals asked from Murray, whose passing stats were fairly similar, but rushed significantly more, which helped significantly push him over the edge.

  • Your DROY will be… Nick Bosa, DE SF

Cave has shown in the past that he can get pressure from the edge, and Bosa is one of the best in the class. It was a close call for me between Bosa and Washington DE Montez Sweat (who has crazy physical attributes). The decision came down to who historically gets better pressure on the QB, and Cave gets the nod.

 MAGA Bosa just couldn’t stay on the field, as he only posted stats in 10 games his rookie year. 6 sacks in 10 games would be great in the NFL for a rookie, but this is RedZone, and he has a lot of work to do if he wants to be as dominant as big brother. From a stats standpoint, this defensive rookie class did not have many studs stand out.

  • Your OPOY will be… Drew Brees, QB NO

Drew will finally get the recognition he deserves. As the NFL’s all time passing leader, you would think he would have more personal awards. But here we are. Moji has success with his QBs, as long as Ryan Fitzpatrick or his son is not on the roster. He has one of the most explosive offenses in the league and one of the easiest divisions, which is primed for success.

Brieda had a season to remember. In a league where HBs only play 10 uninjured games, he beat the odds and left his mark. It is good to see the voters not automatically give this award to a QB, when he had so many guys throwing over 5k yards. Also, lol at this now —> Moji has success with his QBs, as long as Ryan Fitzpatrick or his son is not on the roster

  • Your DPOY will be… Khalil Mack, DE CHI

Get used to this award being the “lets see who the sack leaders are” award. (Spittah knows what I mean) Mack is the best defensive (and maybe overall) player in the league, and he’s going to eat. No lineman stands a chance at stopping him. I expect 40+ sacks and league officials getting together to re-evaluate pass rushing rules at the end of the year.

 Another guy hit by the injury bug. #FixThisShit. Had he played all 16 games, he would have got about 41 sacks, which any other year that wins DPOY no problem. #ThanksJim

  • Your MVP will be…. Drew Breezus.

Praise to our lord and savior Breezus, as he leaves the league with a shiny star.

Robbed!!! 149.4 quarterback rating. That is absurd! There are guys that can’t get that in one game, let alone all season. Many voters looked at raw yardage output and gave the nod to Mahomes. Yes, Mahomes had a great season. But Brees was better. Drew didn’t play week 17 (coach decision), so that lowered his season totals. However, Mahomes had a few games last season where he probably should have been taken out and not throwing over 450 yards in blowout games where they are scoring over 50 points.



Season 53 is in the books, so let us go down the journey to season 54!

The Saints will still make the Playoffs.

As of writing this, the Saints sit at 1-1-1, and their offense has looked…. Bad. But let’s not forget, he was also without Michael Thomas to start the year. The QB play is putrid right now, and Kamara is hurt. And he has a rough schedule. The more I talk about it, the less confident I feel about it. If he sticks with Tyrod, he might have a chance. This one could backfire, but I am putting all the faith in the user.

The Lions will be fighting until the end of the season for the division title.

Last season, Weedseed and these Lions were not good. Not good at all. However, he’s already replaced Stafford and the team looks night and day better. The bad part is that he’s in probably the most competitive division top to bottom right now. I could make a case for all 4 teams to win the division, and I feel like it’s going to be that way throughout the rest of the year. I don’t think he quite grasps it this season, but he’s going to be close.

The Dolphins (0-3) will finish 7-9 or better.

Crazy take, but this defense is legit. They are top 10 in all categories, and haven’t given up more than 17 points in their first 3 games. The offense currently sits 31st, and is clearly holding the team back from taking the next step. Jim needs to open up the offense and play more aggressive, even if that means firing their offensive coordinator and getting a new playbook in there. I would not be shocked to review this take next season and see Jim with a huge upset in the next 13 weeks.

The Chadtastrophy in Baltimore

Chad has been one of the biggest self-promoters this past off-season (again), talking up his team, Lamar, his social life…. Pretty much everything Chad related. Unfortunately, he is about to fall flat on his face. Ian Johns is far and away the front runner in that division based solely on roster and I will spend my RZ-bucks (which have a Schrute-Buck exchange rate of 1.46) on the Browns winning the North. And yes, I am taking out a high-interest loan to do so, since this take burned me last season).  I am back to sleeping on Spencer with the Steelers, as veteran QBs are showing their value, except in Pittsburgh. Chad will miss the playoffs, no matter how much cheese Chad produces.

Farewell Tour

Sometimes, it is just your time to go. S54 will be the last season for some member. The plumbs are tingling and that’s the vibe I’m getting. We will be sad, get our goodbyes in… but then the dreaded question: who do we get to replace? We have a bunch of clowns in OD, Nick and Ramesu sold their xbox’s, Beat would continue to strafe around contributing to the league, Phil is pushy, Metal always tries to get back for his 5th attempt… and then there is taking a chance on someone fresh and new. It will be risky.

Your RZ54 OROY is…. Duncan McBride, QB Detroit Lions

McBride is going to get the slight nudge over Matthew Rivers of the Rams based just on how much he makes this Lions team better, going from Stafford to him. Rivers may end up putting a better stat line in, but his contributions to the W/L column won’t be as great. I am not a believer in “Old but Gold”, and I refuse to give Clemens in Carolina any attention while Cam Newton is being unfairly benched. #KneelingWithCam

Your RZ54 DROY is…. Hunter Montgomery, DT Oakland Raiders

Hunter is an animal. To me, he has the same skillset we saw when Aaron Donald entered the league, and Killah had him fall in his lap at pick 9. With this draft being fairly weak in the secondary, the winner is going to go to a pass rusher (big surprise!), and Hunter is one of, if not the best of them all.

Your RZ54 OPOY is…. Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City Chiefs

Come on, who else would win? Brees is gone, and Mahomes is a cheat code. I refuse to put any stock in any HBs, as majority are getting hurt anyway.

Your RZ54 DPOY is… Khalil Mack, DE Chicago Bears

As long as he is healthy, there aren’t many better out there. Matthew Ioannidis is a hot name out there, but I don’t see him sustaining his early sack lead.

Your RZ54 MVP is…. Mahomes.

Boring pick. Safe pick. Accurate pick.


See you next season!

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