The Bus Stop: Top 10 Power Rankings

Season 54 of the Redzone has been one that has shattered expectations and highlighted promise within all depths of teams and owners in this league. Outside of these top 10 teams, we have seen more “parity” in this league than in recent seasons prior. With the exit of owners Corn and Turtles, we even see a shake up at the bottom of our user pool. Be on the lookout for a full Power Rankings list in the future. But, as for now we will dissect and look at the top users in the league as this is being written.

#10 – The Oakland Raiders (7-4)

Coach Killah has taken on the task of transforming, what we used to know as one of the grittiest teams in the league, the Oakland Raiders back into contention. Derek Carr has had a decent season thus far, throwing for 15 TDs while only committing 9 turnovers. Josh Jacobs, the young star out of Alabama, has carried the load posting over 725 yards this season to mix up their offense. This Raiders squad has the 7th highest average in rushing yards in the Redzone. Although, the secondary has holes in it that need to be filled in order to compete with high powered offenses on the west coast. Be looking for these Raiders to move up the list as the season winds down.

#9 – The Cleveland Browns (7-3)

Coach Ian Johns has posted a much better record this season than last, as he leads the weak AFC North. After suffering injuries to his superstars, he was forced to survive on a stretch without Baker Mayfield, his franchise QB. This, and losing Chubb for several games, has had a negative impact on this team’s offensive production. On the other side of the ball, Myles Garret has led this defense to top 10 statistics in multiple areas. The Browns have a top 3 rush defense in the league, can their offense hold up their end of the bargain? With all players back and healthy, keep an eye on the #DawgPound.

#8 – The Atlanta Falcons (7-3)

Coach G-Star, one of the newest coaches in the league, has become a great addition to the NFC South division, which would otherwise be led by Coach Mojica for the entire cycle. This Atlanta offense has become a feared opponent since the cycle’s beginning. Matt Ryan has proven to be a shaky fantasy pick at times, but overall, you can’t go wrong with putting up over 40 points a game multiple times a season. The upcoming stretch could prove to be very difficult for Coach “Tar-Star” as he faces the 49ers, as well as the division rival Saints, with the Packers a couple weeks down the road. Can these Falcons continue to produce?

#7 – The New Orleans Saints (7-2-1)

Mike Mojica, easily the most controversial coach in the RedZone. After teaching Drew Brees the way of the moonwalk, he has since inherited the legion of backup QB’s and made this season a successful one. Not only did he fight off the Bears, he fought off Coach Tiko’s large red beast that has proven an issue for their match ups. This Saints offense has not marched downfield effectively as in years past, but this defense is 1st in the league in points allowed. Can this defense carry them into the playoffs and to victory beyond the first couple of rounds? Is there a way COach Mojica makes it back to the Super Bowl? Only one way to find out.

#6 – The Houston Texans (8-2)

Needless to say, coach BM entered this cycle with the highest expectations imaginable. In Season 53, he did not meet those expectations. In Season 54, he has completely tuned this ship around through some off season moves. He is an obvious favorite to win his division, and wreak havoc in the AFC side of the playoffs with his high powered offense. Deshaun Watson has posted 37 touchdowns on the year, which is impressive since we are currently in week 12 of the season. Will this offense do its job and fulfill league wide expectations?

#5 – The Dallas Cowboys (8-2)

Coach Lefty is back at it again, posting another great season with this Cowboys squad. Although, this team is facing adversity in division competition now. The Redskins are racing for that division title as well. The impressive thing about the Cowboys is their secondary work. They are currently first in the league in terms of passing yards allowed, which is not what you would expect to hear from the Cowboys. With Zeke and Dak leading the way, will the Cowboys offense pull it out in the NFC East?

#4 – The Washington Redskins (9-2)

In a huge turn around season, Ricky Chapstick has proven that the Redskins are not a pushover team. They are currently in the race against the Dallas Cowboys for 1st in the NFC East, and easily have the power to do it. The turn around in offensive and defensive line play has proved to be the difference maker for this squad. What is better for a young QB like Haskins than a powerhouse offensive line? Guice has posted strong numbers as of late, and will continue to do so as long as he is healthy. Can the Redskins keep it up?

#3 – The San Francisco 49ers (8-2)

Yes, I ranked this team above the Redskins on purpose. Here’s why, this rushing attack, plus the defense, plus the clock control, is a recipe for a contender in this league. After bringing in Josh Allen to complete Coach Caveman’s scheme, this backfield has a 3 headed-monster and an offensive line that is superior to most in the league. They play in a very tough NFC West division, and have proved to be a favorite to win the NFC. Is this Coach Caveman’s year?

#2 – The Green Bay Packers (8-1-1)

Yes, imagine if these Cheeseheads don’t tie with the Saints early in the season. Coach Pat has defied expectations league wide and made this Packer team a contender. They are the obvious favorites in the NFC North, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. This offense, led by veteran QB Aaron Rodgers, has posted over 440 yards per game this year. In order to Coach Pat to win the NFC, this defense must prove that they are here to stop the other machine gun offenses in the league.

#1 – The Kansas City Chiefs (10-1)

In wake of Free-SafetyGate, Coach Ernest is not phased by the criticism within the league itself. Patrick Mahomes is having an MVP season, but this secondary is the 30th worst team in passing yards allowed this season. As the competition heats up in the season’s end, can this team sustain itself and continue thriving into this postseason? They are the favorite to win the AFC, but Ernest is used to the expectations. Can he do it again with the best offense in the RedZone?

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