RedZone Season 54 Recap and Season 55 Predictions

Another season down, and another Super Bowl for Lefty. At least the old guys (Killah/Lefty) both found a way to make it back, after both having success in the league many, many season ago. Like always, lets recap last season’s predictions.

The Saints will still make the Playoffs.

As of writing this, the Saints sit at 1-1-1, and their offense has looked…. Bad. But let’s not forget, he was also without Michael Thomas to start the year. The QB play is putrid right now, and Kamara is hurt. And he has a rough schedule. The more I talk about it, the less confident I feel about it. If he sticks with Tyrod, he might have a chance. This one could backfire, but I am putting all the faith in the user.

Hey look, he stuck with Tyrod and he not only had a chance, he snuck into the playoffs thanks to some Week 17 magic.

The Lions will be fighting until the end of the season for the division title.

Last season, Weedseed and these Lions were not good. Not good at all. However, he’s already replaced Stafford and the team looks night and day better. The bad part is that he’s in probably the most competitive division top to bottom right now. I could make a case for all 4 teams to win the division, and I feel like it’s going to be that way throughout the rest of the year. I don’t think he quite grasps it this season, but he’s going to be close.

I mean, 8-8 is by no means a bad year. That division just had two 11-win teams in it as well. Weed continues to build that roster, and he’s got the team headed in the right direction.

The Dolphins (0-3) will finish 7-9 or better.

Crazy take, but this defense is legit. They are top 10 in all categories, and haven’t given up more than 17 points in their first 3 games. The offense currently sits 31st, and is clearly holding the team back from taking the next step. Jim needs to open up the offense and play more aggressive, even if that means firing their offensive coordinator and getting a new playbook in there. I would not be shocked to review this take next season and see Jim with a huge upset in the next 13 weeks.

Damnit, Jim. How do you lose all your division games but go 5-5 against the rest of the league. This is one of the most frustrating picks to get wrong, because it felt so right. #ThanksJim

The Chadtastrophy in Baltimore

Chad has been one of the biggest self-promoters this past off-season (again), talking up his team, Lamar, his social life…. Pretty much everything Chad related. Unfortunately, he is about to fall flat on his face. Ian Johns is far and away the front runner in that division based solely on roster and I will spend my RZ-bucks (which have a Schrute-Buck exchange rate of 1.46) on the Browns winning the North. And yes, I am taking out a high-interest loan to do so, since this take burned me last season).  I am back to sleeping on Spencer with the Steelers, as veteran QBs are showing their value, except in Pittsburgh. Chad will miss the playoffs, no matter how much cheese Chad produces.

I was just 1 season off on this pick the first time I made the prediction. Chad came back down to earth, finishing a measly 4-12. IJ won the division and I earned my RZ-bucks back. I am still not sold on Spencer and I feel like his 9-7 record was fluky.

Farewell Tour

Sometimes, it is just your time to go. S54 will be the last season for some member. The plumbs are tingling and that’s the vibe I’m getting. We will be sad, get our goodbyes in… but then the dreaded question: who do we get to replace? We have a bunch of clowns in OD, Nick and Ramesu sold their xbox’s, Beat would continue to strafe around contributing to the league, Phil is pushy, Metal always tries to get back for his 5th attempt… and then there is taking a chance on someone fresh and new. It will be risky.

Not only did I nail this, but I nailed it 3 times. We lost Corn, Turtles, and Outlaw to the Farewell Tour, and brought in Beat, Aaron, and White Greg.

Your RZ54 OROY is…. Duncan McBride, QB Detroit Lions

McBride is going to get the slight nudge over Matthew Rivers of the Rams based just on how much he makes this Lions team better, going from Stafford to him. Rivers may end up putting a better stat line in, but his contributions to the W/L column won’t be as great. I am not a believer in “Old but Gold”, and I refuse to give Clemens in Carolina any attention while Cam Newton is being unfairly benched. #KneelingWithCam

At the time of this publication, we are still waiting for the award ballots to come out, so I will just summarize the predictions. The OROY basically will be between 3 guys, but only 2 are worth mentioning. Howard was cheesed, so no one will vote for him. It comes down to McBride (8-8 record, 3,723 yards, 63% completion, 23 TD, 23 INT, 84.5 rating) and Matthew Rivers (3-8-1 record, 3,591 yards, 66% completion, 23 TDs, 16 INTs, 99.2 rating). I think that the Rams team is much better on paper and has a better supporting cast, so even though on a per game basis McBride’s numbers may be slightly lower, he helped the team more and that will be getting my vote.

Your RZ54 DROY is…. Hunter Montgomery, DT Oakland Raiders

Hunter is an animal. To me, he has the same skillset we saw when Aaron Donald entered the league, and Killah had him fall in his lap at pick 9. With this draft being fairly weak in the secondary, the winner is going to go to a pass rusher (big surprise!), and Hunter is one of, if not the best of them all.

This isn’t even close. Nobody else should be getting votes. Even if the ballot says “vote for 2”, giving your other vote to someone else is insulting on how great of a season Monty had.

Your RZ54 OPOY is…. Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City Chiefs

Come on, who else would win? Brees is gone, and Mahomes is a cheat code. I refuse to put any stock in any HBs, as majority are getting hurt anyway.

Guice and Adams had good stats, but they also got suspended for 4 games next season, so….. This turned into a 2 man race between Watson and Mahomes. I think Mahomes barely edged him out, but there is no wrong answer to petitioning for either guy.

Your RZ54 DPOY is… Khalil Mack, DE Chicago Bears

As long as he is healthy, there aren’t many better out there. Matthew Ioannidis is a hot name out there, but I don’t see him sustaining his early sack lead.

Ioannidis got hurt and finished the season with 25 sacks, but 13 of those came in the first 3 games. Mack had a really good season, finishing with 41 sacks. I just don’t think anyone saw former Texans DE J.J. Watt racking up 53.5 sacks at his age, a +20 sack increase from the prior year. #ThanksJP

Your RZ54 MVP is…. Mahomes.

Boring pick. Safe pick. Accurate pick.

MVP will be between Mahomes, Watt, and Watson. If you have two guys on the MVP list, I think that can hurt the Texans’ player’s votes, and Mahomes will come out on top.

Another successful season of predicting in the books! Will Season 55 be as good? Probably not. I just need to stop putting faith in guys like Beat and Jim, since that never pans out well.

Season 55 will be the ‘Year of the QB stats’

With the acceptance about the fact that deving a QB is VERY hard this cycle, we have come to realize one thing: if you want to increase your QB dev, you better put up top 5 numbers. This is scary. We are about to see QB numbers from mid-tier QBs going through the roof. I wouldn’t be shocked to see 10-15 QBs with over 5,000 passing yards, which is quite absurd. I hope I absolutely get this prediction wrong, but that’s how I feel things are trending. Maybe the 3 INT rule will help…. Maybe it won’t.

…. Adel finally makes a push out of the bottom.

Ugh. No. Why. Now I don’t think he’s a contender by any means, but he is trending upwards. His first two season were disasters, and he didn’t have any draft picks this season. He spent all his cash on FAs this offseason in hopes to get his defense going, and Kyler is going to be a factor in the Year of the QB race. I think he flirts with 8-8 and won’t start his table running comments until much later in the season.


White Greg either quits, ends up with a top 5 pick, or both.

The Panthers are a disaster. I was worried that Turtles would ruin the team, but man is WG a loose cannon. And one thing I hate more than anything is when my cannon gets loose. His offseason was pretty insignificant, with his biggest acquisition being the former Titan WR Taywan Taylor. He drafted a pretty good 4-3 OLB, but it wasn’t the position of need, especially with the 5th pick. That secondary is not good and he will not be able to keep up with high powered offenses. I only see 4-5 wins at most in his future, and that’s assuming he beats Silk both times. He was apparently one offseason away from competing, but it was not this offseason apparently.

The Giants are back!…. except they aren’t.

Aaron was brought in to help rebuild this Giants roster that Corn held winless over almost 2 seasons. The problem is that 1) Aaron is maybe a mid-tier user and 2) This team is still poop. Aaron will probably win a couple of games, but it will still be a long season. At least picking early in the draft is fun I hear!

Parity? What’s that?

We love parity! When everyone has a chance to win, it is great for the league. However, I am predicting the AFC will send the same 6 members to the playoffs. The Titans and Texans will be close, as well as the Pats and Jets, but at the end of the day, we will see the same guys duking it out in January.

Your OROY is…. DeSean Solomon, QB Patriots

How exactly did a QB fall to him, and not just any QB, but a more athletic Tom Brady clone? He is ?? dev, and with how Beech has shown he has the ability to throw for many, many yards (and INTs), I think we will see Solomon jumping right in to the top 10-15 in yards in the entire league, and Beech transitions nicely from Brady to Solomon.

Your DROY is…. Jordan Wilkinson, DE Seahawks

This one is tough. The draft had some good secondary pieces and some 4-3 LBs, but those are hard to win awards with. This cycle will always go towards sacks, and Wilk is one of the premier pass rushers with his size. His 94 strength plus pass rushing moves should get a decent amount, but he will not come anywhere close to Hunter Montgomery’s stats from last season. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a speedier edge rusher that steals this award away.

Your OPOY is… Josh Allen, QB 49ers

Cave wants to get Allen into the headlines so bad, and this is the year he does it (if he stays healthy). He will be a frontrunner in the ‘Year of the QB’, and come the end of the season, he will be one of the most efficient passers. He won’t have the most yards or TDs, but hopefully the voters don’t just look strictly at those stats alone.

Your DPOY is… Jeffery Simmons, DE Titans

JP may have just watched Mariota getting benched in real life, but the Titans in RedZone will have something to cheer for. Simmons is going to EAT this season, with his new X-Factor abilities and progression, he’s going to join the club of guys getting 40+ sacks in a season. That Titan’s defensive line will carry this team, and if their newly drafted OLB can develop into something significant, then this defense will be scary.

Your MVP is…. Deshaun Watson, QB Texans

This is no longer JJ Watts team. He was sent packing, and the team will miss him severely. I predict they will need more offense to compensate for his loss, and with the best WR duo in the league, Watson is going to go big almost every game. I envision him surpassing 6k yards and fighting Mahomes for the yards/TD leader by the end of the year.

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