one on one with Coach Shazier

-Hello this is Pam Oliver here with a exclusive one one one sit down with Bucs coach Ryan Shazier


PO: Thanks for inviting me to your home, first off hows the recovery going? I see you appear to be getting around ok, hows your health?


RS:It’s  process day to day i have good days and bad days but at the end of the day I have a job to do and it’s not  being done at a high level at all


PO: Let’s talk about that, you came in here as a head coach with high hopes and dreams Since being hired you have gone 9-39 hardly impressive what’s gone wrong?

Well we had a young coaching staff and a young team, as a staff we wanted to impose our styles no matter what, I allowed my coordinators free will to do what they wanted, we had to change some things there because i have to answer to the higher ups, so this season expect more input from me on both sides of the ball.


What does that mean exactly?


I let Steven put in his offense without regard to the talent we had, this year we will focus on building around the players we have and not force them into our system.

Case in point, Mike Fvans has 88 catches in 2 seasons, thats not good  coaching, we have to coach to our talent.

on defense we wanted to run a 34 defense we didn’t

have the talent for that and it showed last season as we were 30th  in points allowed and rushing defense. not Artavious (defensive coordinator) wont have to answer for that I will so its time i get off my ass and be the coach this team needs.


So lets discuss what has been the talk around the league, you drafted Everett Gold with pick 7 one year and the following year, you go and draft a QB the following draft 2nd overall and also trade for Matt Stafford.

We took heat for that huh? (laughs out loud) Selecting a franchise QB isnt a exact science, Everett was not ready to run this team we saw that early we think he can be a nfl Qb but we had to make a move to attempt to be more competitive and we didn’t feel Everett gave us that chance.

Who made the call to draft Everett?

He was my guy, me and Steven(offensive coordinator) thought he could run the offense me and GM Silky Johnston went back and forth over him, but it was my call and the front office allowed me to have final say, I will say this this organization has bent over backwards to give us what we felt we needed we thought we needed a running back they went to get me one, need a CB ok here you go, wanna take another qb fine coach go ahead, tell us what you want or need to win, and we will try to get you the talent, but at the end of the day its my job to produce a winner and I know time and patience is running out. Every day I go to work I pray my pass works at the gate. W

What are your goals this seaaon?

To win a division game, to be competitive in every game, to not lead the league in tunrovers.

what steps have you taken to achieve those goals?

well we had a good first day of Free agency, and we have reahwed out and agreed to terms with our next buc out first round pick has already been signed, and had his playbook in his hand as of last night.

So whos the lucky guy??

nope not telling, I will give you a hint he played his college ball in the south. thats it, going to give him time to get used to the nfl before you send your cronies there for a exclusive interview.

Well thanks for your time coach and good luck this season.

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